Aviaca B767

Just an Avianca B767 on short final runway 33L at MAD Barajas...

Madrid 30/05/2009

N985AN  c/n 24918/292  B767-259/ER  Avianca
Delivered in 1990, this airframe operated along 9 other B767, before being replaced by the A330, and more recently, the B787.

Rui Miguel

PR-MMP - G200

Lisbon 13/07/2015

PR-MMP  c/n 130  G200
Rui Miguel


4X-EKI - B737-86N - El Al

Lisbon 13/07/2015

4X-EKI  c/n 28587/192  B737-86N  El Al
Rui Miguel

S7 green Tupolev

Like many other Russian airlines, S7 passed through a transition period from Russian built aircraft to Western manufactured, like Airbus and Boeing. In 2008 it was still possible to see their bright green Tu-154's and Barcelona was a summer delight for smoky planes.

Barcelona  03/05/2008

RA-85615  c/n 86A731  Tu-154M  S7
This green machine retained its colours and was later sold to Moskovia.

Rui Miguel

OY-SRG - B767-219(BDSF) - Star Air

Lisbon 17/06/2015

OY-SRG  c/n 23328/149  B767-219(BDSF)  Star Air
Rui Miguel

D2-TEF - B777-2M2/ER - TAAG

Lisbon 10/07/2015

D2-TEF  c/n 34567/687  B777-2M2/ER  TAAG
Rui Miguel


F-GRHT - A319-111 - Air France

Lisbon 17/06/2015

F-GRHT  1449  A319-111  Air France
Rui Miguel

CS-TFR - Learjet45 - Omni

Lisbon 25/06/2015

CS-TFR  45-382  Learjet45  Omni
Rui Miguel

OE-IAE - B737-4Q8(SF) - TNT

Lisbon 17/06/2015

OE-IAE  25105/2505  B737-4Q8(SF)  TNT
Rui Miguel

Tiny adjustments

Hi everyone,

As much as I would like to keep the blog being updated more often, it has just been a bit difficult to do so. I still have a lot of photos to show from the past recent days of spotting at Lisbon airport, but lack of time to edit and upload has meant that blog goes on slower pace. As an example I will upload next photos of the 17th, being today the 5ht of July. Now, don't get me wrong, there's no rush to do everything as fast as I can, slow can sometimes (actually more often then what I think) be good. It's just that I would like to see a more dynamic blog.
So I came up with a different way of doing things. Instead of waiting until I get a lot of photos from a specific day and then upload them, I will try to present one or 2 photos on a daily basis. It's like a small snack of planespotting photos is being offered everyday instead of a meal every 3,4 or 5 days... And this can mean recent photos or something else from the memories box.

Thank you for stopping by,

Rui Miguel


Lisbon 16/06/2015

The 16th was a long spotting day. And a great one! A lot of fantastic traffic during, the morning and afternoon, and a huge bonus at the end of the day...
Seeing at the distance I didn't knew what it was, but this Piaggio sure made my day as it's the first me I snap a photo of this aircraft type:
EC-LPJ  Piaggio P.180
Another new Portuguese A330 for me:
CS-TRX  A330-223  Orbest
Transavia France new logojet:
F-GZHG  B737-8K2  Transavia France
EC-ITU  CRJ-200ER  Air Nostrum
United Airlines is now using the B767, replacing the B757, until August:
N658UA  B767-322/ER  United Airlines
No comments for this one:
FAC-0001  B737-74V(BBJ)  Colombia Air Force
CS-TKN  A310-325(ET)  SATA
D-ALEG  B757-236(SF)  EAT Leipzig
Rui Miguel