Somewhere in Croatia...

I've not had much time to edit the blog, as the weather has been fantastic for photos and I've been plenty of times at the airport in recent days. So there's still a lot of great stuff that has been spotted in LIS to be reported here, but it will be on a slow pace. In the mean time, here are 2 photos of a C-47 that I photographed in Croatia, near Otocac:
71255  C-47B  Yugoslavia Air Force
71255  C-47B  Yugoslavia Air Force
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 15/06/2015

Hi everyone. Some photos taken on the 15, with a few clouds passing by and unfortunately blocking the Sun:
EI-DHD  B737-8AS  Ryanair
So far so good. Everytime I spotted wizzair, it has allways been a new registration for me:
HA-LYV  A320-232  Wizz
Another first time, was this Transavia France with the updated livery:
F-GZHC  B737-8K2  Transavia France
And to end todays post, a regular one:
G-EUYI  A320-232  British Airways
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 05/06/2015

Here're some very delayed photos from the 5th on sunny afternoon at Lisbon:
7T-VJK  B737-8D6  Air Algerie
While the morning flight of TAAG is operated with a -300, the evening brings the small B777-200:
D2-TEF  B777-2M2/ER  TAAG
M-ELON  EMB-505 Phenom 300
Operating for Transavia France:
F-HBNB  A320-214  Air France
EC-JLI  A321-211  Iberia
CS-TLO  B767-383/ER  euroAtlantic Airways
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 04/06/2015

When the crowd is big, so is the plane. Ok, it works as well with some small plane which for some reason can be an highlight. But on the 4th, and with many spotters in place, there was once again a B747 crossing the 2ª circular road to land on runway 03. A colourfull selection of that morning:
This was my last ride back from the Croatia trip. I flew on EC-LEK from Madrid to Lisbon on the 31st of May:
EC-LEK  EMB-195LR  Air Europa
TP447 from Paris Orly:
CS-TTN  A319-111  TAP
My first AA in Lisbon:
N942UW  B757-2B7  American Airlines
Turkish cargo myCargo (or ACT Airlines) with a different coat, arriving from Jeddah:
TC-ACG  B747-481(BDSF)  Saudi Arabian (myCargo)
Operating for easyJet from EDI:
G-POWI  A320-233  Titan Airways
LN-NGH  B737-8JP  Norwegian
TC-JYM  B737-9F2/ER  Turkish Airlines
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 02/06/2015

Some photos taken on the 2nd, before and after work:
D-ALEB  B757-236(SF)  EAT Leipzig
CS-DUA  Hawker 750  NetJets
P4-BFY  Gulfstream V-SP
For the 1st time I got Transavia wearing the new colours:
PH-HSK  B737-8K2  Transavia
Another bizjet passing by:
LX-PAK  BD-700
And to end the day, something different from easyJet:
G-EZIW  A319-111  easyJet
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 15/05/2015

A few weeks ago, and just before I left to Croatia, I pass by the airport for some photos. Here're some of the highlights:
EC-LRM  A320-232  Vueling
HA-LWS  A320-232  Wizz
I was very happy to get this one on camera. Nowadays it's a regular here in Lisbon so much that I'm already missing the Star Air colours (both old and new).
OY-SRT  B767-232(BDSF)  Star Air
CS-TOA  A340-312  TAP
DHL operated their flight with this white machine, a new registration for me.
G-BMRI  B757-236(SF)  DHL
And by the end of the day, this B737 came in from Madrid to operate the TNT flight to Porto:
OY-JTI  B737-448(SF)  Jettime
Rui Miguel


CSA B737-400

This was one of 15 B737-400 that Czech flag carrier CSA operated. OK-CGI joined the airline in 2001 and was returned to the leasor in 2009. Nowadays flies for Slovak carrier Go2Sky as OM-GTB.
OK-CGI  B737-49R  CSA
The above picture was taken in Barcelona back in 2008.

Rui Miguel