Dubrovnik's mad dog

Hi everyone,
Just to let you know that there won't be any updates until the end of the month as I'll be on holidays in Croatia. No, it's not a spotting trip, but there will be time between flights to snap some registrations. As a last post before how about this cool Croatian Mad Dog? Dubrovnik Airways operated charter flights between 2004 and 2011
9A-CDB  MD-83  Dubrovnik Airways
This MD-83 was later sold to Khors Air and became UR-CJC.

Rui Miguel


GirJet B757

For about 2 years, between 2006 and 2008, there were in Spain 2 bright red B757's operating flights. Apart from these GirJet also operated a couple Fokker 100 and a cargo B747-200.
EC-JTN  B757-236  GirJet
TF-LLZ  B757-225  Icelandair (GirJet)
Rui Miguel


Brussels Airlines classic B737-300

Brussels Airlines, the product of the merger between SN Brussels and Virgin Express, operated 5 B737-300 that came from Virgin Express. Along with the bigger -400, the -300 operated for about 4/5 years. The 5 aircrafts were:
OO-LTM  B737-3M8  Brussels Airlines
OO-VEG  B737-36N  Brussels Airlines
OO-VEH  B737-36N  Brussels Airlines
OO-VEX  B737-36N  Brussels Airlines
OO-VEX  B737-36N  Brussels Airlines
They were a common sight at Portuguese airports but not forgotten.
Rui Miguel


Viking Airlines

Viking Airlines was a Swedish charter airline established in 2003 that operated until October 2010. London Gatwick (where the photos were taken) was one of the airports where they used to have one or more planes based.
SE-RHR  B737-8Q8  Viking Airlines
SE-RHT  B737-3Q8  Viking Airlines
Viking Airlines operated a total of 9 B737 and 5 MD-83.

Rui Miguel


Singapore Airlines A340-500

Singapore Airlines operated for about 11 years the -500 varient of the A340. The operation of the -500's by SQ will be forever associated with having the longest non-stop route operated in the world: SIN-EWR. SQ operated 5 of this long range A340,so it was a bit diffcult to spot them. Here're 2 photos taken on an afternoon in March at LAX:
9V-SGE  A340-541  Singapore Airlines
9V-SGE  A340-541  Singapore Airlines
Rui Miguel