Asiana old colours

Looking back to my 2009 photos of SYD, it was still possible to see at that time the old Asiana colours, like on this 2005 delivered B777-200:
HL7739  B777-28E/ER  Asiana
Rui Miguel


Northwest Airlines A330

Anyone visiting AMS last decade would be amazed by the number of NWA aircrafts that could be spotted. A330s, DC-10s, B757s and also, occasionally, a B747. NWA operated a total of 32 A330 (11 x -200 and 21 x -300). Their registrations can still be seen at Amsterdam, however now carrying the Delta colours. Here're two photos, just for the good old times:
N806NW  A330-323X  NWA
N812NW  A330-323X  NWA
Rui Miguel


Air Berlin D-ABBJ becames EW-348PA

I usually check Skyliner for the latest changes on aircraft registrations. Today I noticed that a former Air Berlin B737, D-ABBJ msn 30286/1280 (delivered in 2003) was delivered to Belavia, having now the registration EW-348PA. Here're two photos taken in Palma de Mallorca in 2008, with the classic Air Berlin colours:
D-ABBJ  B737-86Q  Air Berlin
D-ABBJ  B737-86Q  Air Berlin
Rui Miguel


Air Europa B767

Recently Air Europa leased a B787 from LOT, making a return to operations with widebody aircraft from the American manufacturer. A couple of years ago, when visiting Barajas, one could still see their B767, like this one:

EC-HSV  B767-3Q8/ER  Air Europa
A total of 7 B767 were operated by the Spanish airline (2x -200 and 5x -300) and if all goes as planeed, next year Air Europa will receive the first of 8 new B787.

Rui Miguel


Lufthansa CityLine CRJ-200

During its regional operations, no other aircraft was operated in such big number by Lufthansa CityLine as the CRJ-200. From 1993 until 2010 CityLine operated 39 CRJ-200.
D-ACHG  CRJ-200LR  Lufthansa CityLine
The aircraft pictured above (landing at Geneva) was later on sold to Rwandair Express and re-registered 9XR-WA.

Rui Miguel


Air Slovakia B737 OM-ASC

An Air Slovakia B737 approaches Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport... This is msn/ln 23601/1254, delivered to Lauda Air in 1986 as  OE-ILF. It joined Air Slovakia fleet in May 2007 and operated with them for 3 years.
OM-ASC  B737-3Z9  Air Slovakia
 Rui Miguel


XL Airways Summer lease C-FTAH

During the IATA Summer season it's usual for, let's call them, "leisure airlines" in Europe to lease temporarily aicrafts from other airlines. Southern European airports get more colourful tails and it's not that rare to see, for example, a Canadian registered B737. During my 2008 visit to Palma I managed to see a total of 3" C-" registered aircraft. This Sunwing Airlines was operating for British airline XL Airways, which went bankrupt about 1 month later this photo was taken...
C-FTAH  B737-8Q8  XL Airways (Sunwing Airlines)
Rui Miguel


Cyprus Turkish (KTHY) B737-800

Cyprus Turkish Airlines (also known as KTHY) was an airline based at Ercan airport in Northern Cyprus. They started operations back in 1975 until June 2010. A few Airbuses, MD's and Boeings were operated, but by the end of their operations the B737-800 were the backbone of its fleet.

TC-MZZ  B737-8S3  KTHY
TC-MAO  B737-86N  KTHY
TC-CTA  B737-86N  KTHY
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 01/04/2015

Some photos of the 1st of April, the day I got my first 2015 sunburn. I kick-off with the morning DHL arrival, operated by an aircraft I hadn't yet on photo:
D-ALEC  B757-236(SF)  EAT Leipzig
Since it was my 2nd day with the new lens, I decided to get used to it and practice with the TAP aircrafts. Photos got more sharp then on the 30th:
TAP539 from Berlin SXF
CS-TTR  A319-112  TAP
One of the new registrations I got that day:
OE-IAQ  B737-4M0(SF)  TNT
One of the most beautiful bizjets around...
CS-TLY  Falcon 7X  Vinair
N712PR  CL-600
One from the afternoon:
CS-TRH  A330-343X  Evelop

Rui Miguel


Lisbon 30/03/2015

With the recent time change and its late sunset, nowadays I can enjoy a bit of planespotting before heading home. Last monday I made a quick stop and for the first time I used my new lens: Canon 70-200 f/4L IS USM. Boy oh boy, I really missed the quality of the white Canon lens. I think you can see the difference, wven though the photos are presented here on a small size.
PH-HSC  B737-8K2  Transavia
EC-KYP  ERJ-195SR  Air Europa
Wizz is now operating to Lisbon from Budapest and Warsaw. This was their first flight:
HA-LYJ  A320-232  Wizz
HA-LYJ  A320-232  Wizz
I hear that Royal Air Maroc has incresed the frequency of flights to Casablanca, but I sure was not expecting a late afternoon departure. I'll have to check it out their timetable...
CN-ROZ  B737-8B6  Royal Air Maroc
9H-JCD  CL-600
Rui Miguel