Air Jamaica A340

Seen once and only once, this has to be one of the most exotic things I've ever spotted. Unitl 2 years before Caribbean Airlines take over in May 2010, Air Jamaica used to operate a total of 3 A340-300. This airframe, c/n 216, was originally delivered to Air Canada in 1998 and delivered to the Jamaican airline in 2002.
6Y-JMM  A340-313X  Air Jamaica
This photo was taken at Heathrow back in 2007. 1 year later this aircraft went to Turkish Airlines and re-registered as TC-JIJ. A registration I've also spotted in one my 8 visits to Istanbul airport.

Rui Miguel


Is that an easyJet B757?

For those of you who have forgotten that once, and for only a few months during 2010 Summer, easyJet operated B757s on its own colours:
G-ZAPX  B757-256  easyJet (Titan Airways)
This one is pictured about to land on Malaga on bright sunny afternoon.
During that Summer easyJet also leased 3 other B757s: G-OJIB from Astraeus plus OH-AFI and OH-AFJ from Air Finland. Both carriers are now confined to the history books, and, as such, are good candidates to be featured on the blog some day...

Rui Miguel


Yellow Cab at Porto

Todays post is about remembering for a bit, the eye-catching colours of TUIfly when they used to operate flight to Porto. Enjoy:
D-AHXE  B737-7K5  TUIfly
D-AGEQ  B737-75B  TUIfly
D-AGEJ  B737-3L9  TUIfly
D-AHXB  B737-7K5  TUIfly
D-AHXF  B737-7K5  TUIfly
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 17/02/2015

I was on this windy morning at Lisbon airport doing planespotting. Although nothing that exciting was seen, I was actually impressed how some of the regular airlines colour schemes are getting outdated. All these 4 airlines bellow, have new colours, so todays post actually has a "yesterday" felling.
Early morning arrival from Geneva:
HB-JYC  A319-111  easyJet Swiss
 Not very comon for me to get the Dutch Transavia on early morning photos. This one is arriving from Amsterdam:
PH-HSF  B737-8K2  Transavia
EC-KUB  A319-111  Iberia
Something different from the regular B737-800:
TC-JPV  A320-214  Turkish Airlines
Rui Miguel


Baboo ERJ-190

Baboo was a geneva based airline, who operated on regional routes, among other aircrafts, 3 ERJ-190 during 2 years. The first aircraft arrived in early May 2008 and by November 2010 they were taken back by their lessors. Shortly, Baboo was aquired by Darwin Airline puting an end to 7 years of operations.
Their ERJ-190 fleet were:

HB-JQE  -  c/n 19000163

HB-JQF  -  c/n 19000178

HB-JQG  -  c/n 19000189

HB-JQG  ERJ-190AR  Baboo
HB-JQG  ERJ-190AR  Baboo
All the 3 Embraers are still flying but in more warm airports, more precisely in Brazil. They first operated with TRIP, and following the 2014 merger, all 3 are now flying for Azul.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon 09/02/2015

With a 2 days delay, here're last mondays photos from a morning spotting session at Lisbon. I kick-off with this early morning Air Transat A330. I really love the previous colours ot the Canadian airline, but I've to say these ones are great as well:
C-GTSJ  A330-243  Air Transat
Speaking about colours, I've allways seen transavia associated with these colours,even though when they were operating under the brand basiqair (do you remember?), so at the moment I'm not very enthusiastic about their new colour scheme. That said, it was a pleasure to see these colours passing by...
PH-XRX  B737-7K2  Transavia
And because monday is Air Algerie day:
7T-VKB  B737-8D6  Air Algerie
To my surprise, this was actually a new registration for me under the United Airlines brand (seen it before in MAD as Continental):
N13138  B757-224  United Airlines
And to end todays post, two Spanish albino aircrafts:
Seen it before with Iberia, then Vueling colours.
EC-IEI  A320-214  Iberia
EC-LHV  ATR 72-202  Swiftair
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 08/02/2015

It can already be noticed that days are getting longer. In Lisbon, and because of runway 03/21 configuration, I think the best time to take photos is from Sunrise until more 3hours and withing the last 3 hours before Sunset. That means the window of opportunities is allways changing. Assuming it departs on time, photo quality is not the same as last month to photograph the departure of the Emirates flight. Until November/December this was probably my last photo of it:
A6-EGY  B777-31H/ER  Emirates
Today's highlight was this Star Alliance A320, the firs time I've seen it with these colours:
HB-IJM  A320-214  Swiss
This Falcon 900 was also a nice surprise. VP-CSX, Falcon 7X, was the other bizjet spotted on this day:
G-FLCN  Falcon 900B
EC-IEG  A320-214  Iberia
Operating the afternoon service to Brussels as FR2932 was EI-DCR:
EI-DCR  B737-8AS  Ryanair
For these photos, and for the next ones taken to the ground on this afternoon spot, I've used a 2 steps step ladder. It really is usefull because of the sun position and it gives me a more elevated view and a clean shot, without the red tubes and rope. The Swiss photo is a good example.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon 05/02/2015

A few from a sunny morning with some nice Winter deep blue skies...
Arriving from Porto:
OE-IAP  B737-4M0(SF)  TNT
A nice side on shot on this Iberia:
EC-ILP  A321-211  Iberia
TP32 from Fortaleza:
CS-TOI  A330-223  TAP
16801  C-130H-30  Portuguese Air Force
EI-EFO  B737-8AS  Ryanair
Although in terms of photos there's nothing outstanding here, on this day I've also spotted Omni Air B767 N387AX plus a Norwegian AF C-130J registered 5607.

On a side note, I've fully updated the image galleries for 2008 and I'm now working on 2009. I've know it has been done at a very slow pace, but sometimes, even when I have the amount of time to do it, I can be very lazy...

Rui Miguel