US Airways

With the announced merger between US Airways and American Airlines, the US Airways brand is set to disappear, giving way to the AA colours. Full integration is expected to be completed by the end of the year and its livery gone into the history books. To the memory of US Airways:
N824AW  A319-132  US Airways
I was lucky enough to spot the previous colour scheme:
N124US  A320-214  US Airways
N826AW  A319-132  US Airways
N837AW  A319-132  US Airways
N154AW  B737-3G7  US Airways
N278AY  A330-323X  US Airways
N201UU  B757-2B7  US Airways
N918UW  B757-225  US Airways
N252AU  B767-2B7/ER  US Airways
N143YV  Beech 1900D  Mesa Airlines (US Airways Express)
N7305V  CRJ-200LR  Mesa Airlines (US Airways Express)
N904FJ  CRJ-900ER  Mesa Airlines (US Airways Express)
A very complete article on US Airways history can be found on Airliner World issues of May and June 2014. Maybe this summer I can still see some of their B757 here in LIS wearing the US Airways colours. But we all know it's just a matter of time.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon 09/01/2015

Last friday I went for another full day at the airport. Not much highlights spotted, but hey, you got to enjoy the Winter Sun while you can:
TC-JHL  B737-8F2  Turkish Airlines
One of the based easyJet, arriving from Funchal:
G-EZGJ  A319-111  easyjet
A true miracle was performed as I had never seen this aircraft taxiing of flying, even though I hav seen it several times parked:
CS-TFU  A319-115LR  White
Lufthansa has just completed the transfer of some of its routes to Germanwings, as well as some aircrafts. This A320 is one of those ex-Lufthansa:
D-AIQE  A320-211  Germanwings
And to end the day, I finally got this good looking B737:
PH-BXZ  B737-8K2  KLM
KLM did a nice livery change in my opinion. I can't wait one day to spot them on their widebody fleet.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon 04/01/2015

A few photos from another sunny afternoon:
CN-ROB  B737-8B6  Royal Air Maroc
One of the four new registrations I got that day:
A6-ENU  B777-31H/ER  Emirates
First time I get a photo of a KLM B737-700, and also a 1st time for the Dutch airline on the blog:
PH-BGH  B737-7K2  KLM
The surprise of the day was the fact that there was a 2nd RAM flight, that departed with this perfect afternoon light:
CN-RGG  B737-86N  Royal Air Maroc
Rui Miguel


Lisbon 01/01/2015

So far Winter has been very dry and a bit warmer then usual, here in Lisbon. Nothing to complaint, so I went 2 days ago for an afternoon of spotting:
D-AIRK  A321-131  Lufthansa
Not only is an upgrade good but sometimes also a downgrade. I had never seen a shamrock A319 outside of Ireland:
EI-EPR  A319-111  Aer Lingus
This B767 is departing to start operating some flights for Royal Air Maroc:
CS-TFT  B767-3Y0/ER  euroAtlantic Airways
Talking about upgrade/downgrade, Turkish send an A321 instead of the B737:
TC-JSB  A321-231  Turkish Airlines
Rui Miguel