Porto 22/12/2014

Last week I did my last spotting session for 2014. A lot has been seen during this year and I'm happy to "call it" with a trip to my beloved home airport Porto. Enjoy the last photos of 2014:
LX-LGV  B737-8C9  Luxair
N1459A  Gulfstream IV
EI-DPB  B737-8AS  Ryanair
EC-KJD  A320-216  Vueling
C-GKTS  A330-342  Air Transat
F-HBAL  A319-111  Aigle Azur
Rui Miguel.


Porto 21/12/2014

Having recently been at home (Gaia), I couldn't let the oportunity of going to Porto airport pass by just like that. There were some sunny and unusually warm days and I went twice to the airport. This was the first, spending the whole day there:
CS-TOR  A330-203  TAP
This white A330 was operating an extra flight for TAAG (D2-TEF was aso spotted that day):
CS-TRI  A330-322  HiFly

F-GZTA  B737-33V(QC)  Europe Airpost
First time seeing a Flybe at OPO operating a flight from Birmingham:
G-FBJD  ERJ-175STD  Flybe
The highlight of the day:
F-HBEV  A320-216  Air Corsica
G-EZBI  A319-111  easyJet
Rui Miguel


Planespotting in Kathmandu

Hi everyone,
Today is the day that I finally seat down, log in to the blog and upload the Kathmandu photos. Even though I still have a lot to work on photoshop, the basic variety of KTM can be seen on this post. Please notice that there are other airlines (different from those that I'm showing here) operating to KTM during the night or morning. I've spent a total of 4 half days (1 morning and 3 afternoons) at the airport, and by the 4th I was already spotting the same 9N- registered aircraft over and over.
A6-FDH  B737-8KN  Flydubai
B-5096  B737-79P  China Eastern
VT-EDF  A320-214  Air India
VT-PPD  A321-211  Air India
9N-ABU  DHC-6-300  Nepal Airlines
9N-AFA  DHC-6-300  Tara Air
9N-AHU  BAe J41  Yeti Airlines
9N-AIM  ATR 42-320  Buddha Air
9N-AJC  BAe J41  Yeti Airlines
9N-AJX  ATR 72-500 Buddha Air
A6-ANP  A320-214  Air Arabia
A6-EIK  A320-232  Etihad Airways
9N-AKK  Dornier 228  Tara Air
9N-AJO  ATR 72-500  Buddha Air
9N-AIN  ATR 42-320  Buddha Air
9N-AHV  BAe J41  Yeti Airlines
9N-AGI  Beech 1900C-1  Simrik Airlines
9N-AEE  Beech 1900D  Buddha Air
VT-SCX  A319-112  Air India
VT-JFB  B737-86N  Jet Airways
S2-ADF  A310-325ET  Biman Bangladesh
A7-AHJ  A320-232  Qatar Airways
A7-AHL  A320-232  Qatar Airways
S2-ADK  A310-324  Biman Bangladesh
VT-JFS  B737-8AL  Jet Airways
9N-ABT  DHC-6-300  Nepa Airlines
9N-AEE  Beech 1900D  Buddha Air
9N-AGL  Beech 1900C-1  Simrik Airlines
9N-AHY  BAe J41  Yeti Airlines
9N-AIT  ATR 42-320(QC)  Buddha Air
9N-AJT  Cessna 208B  Goma Air
9N-AKK  Dornier 228  Tara Air
A6-EIU  A320-232  Etihad Airways
A6-FDD  B737-8KN  Flydubai
9N-AKY  Let 410  Goma Air
9N-AJX  ATR 72-500  Buddha Air
9N-AIT  ATR 42-320(QC)  Buddha Air
9N-AIH  BAe J41  Yeti Airlines
9N-AGL  Beech 1900C-1  Simrik Airlines
9N-AEW  Beech 1900D  Buddha Air
9N-ABT  DHC-6-300  Nepal Airlines
VT-PPA  A321-211  Air India
VT-EDE  A320-214  Air India
B-5093  B737-79P  China Eastern
It was a fantastic experience to do Planespotting in Kathmandu. It's one of those International airports that doesn't get much attention and yet, the majority of the traffic can only be seen indide Nepal.
In partnership with website Spotterguide.net I've made an extensive spotting guide for KTM, which I hope will answear to any questions you might have about this airport. You can check it here.

Rui Miguel