Barcelona 13/11/2014

Still in reference to my recent trip to Nepal, one of the airports where I did a stopover was Barcelona. I allways enjoy stopovers has they allow me to get new registrations and photos, before heading to whatever place I'm travelling.
On the 13th of November, and after cosy and sleepless flight with Qatar Airways from Doha, I've landed in BCN just before sunrise. Skies were pretty much clear, so I've enjoyed the winter and some sun:
Ready for the return flight to Oran:
7T-VJT  B737-6D6  Air Algérie
EC-LXQ  A320-216  Iberia
N7GF  Gulfstream IV  Private
G-EZNC  A319-111  easyJet
F-GZHE  B737-8K2  Transavia France
D-AIQD  A320-211  Germanwings
EC-IZR  A320-214  Iberia
EC-JFN  A320-214  Iberia
Although I really like this angle for photos, I'm afraid I didn't saw much traffic taxing by near this spot, which is close to the new Terminal building. Barcelona is one of those airports that I really want to return for a proper spotting trip.

Rui Miguel


Doha Hamad Intl. 03/11/2014

While the Kathmandu photos are still being processed, I thought I should share same, or let's say the few ones, I took while in transit at Doha airport. The new Doha Hamad Intl. airport was opened this year and its stat of art departures area was designed thinking about the transit passengers. I've never seen an airport with public and free dedicated areas called "Sleeping lounges". Outside from those areas, it's virtually impossible to take photo or just seat and see the planes. Only when you are about to board you can get a decent view. So, and back to those sleeping lounges, not only they offer a quiet and confortable place to sleep but also, lets call it, a room with a view. Provided no aircraft is parked on the nearby stand (like A7-BCK on the previous post) you can take pretty decent photos of taxing aircrafts:
A7-BCK  B787-8  Qatar Airways
A7-ADJ  A320-232  Qatar Airways
A7-AHJ  A320-232  Qatar Airways
A7-AHU A320-232  Qatar Airways
The only negative point that I can think about is that because of the parallel runways, you will miss stuff that is landing/departing/parked behind you. In this case I was facing west, as the photos were taken in early morning.
Although there's not that much airline diversity, Doha is a fantastic airport to transit. As much as I would like to choose to transit here the next time I fly across the Middle East, I still want to check the other hubs, as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or, why not Muscat...

Rui Miguel


Plane spotting in Kathmandu - The preview

Yes, as exotic as the title might suggest to you, that's exactly what I've been up to in the biginning of November. On the 2nd of November I went with my girlfriend to Nepal for a 9 days holidays in the Kathmandu valley. In between wondering around the temples, trekking National parks, and eat delicious food, I also found time to visit the airport and take a lot of photos of local (and rarelly photographed, according to the main aviation photos websites) exotic airlines.
We flew with TAP from Lisbon to Barcelona and then with Qatar Airways to Doha and Kathmandu. At the moment I've already finnished the log, and I'm working on photos. I don't want to upload them here little by little, so, only when I've a big amount of them edited, I'll make a post about and also with spotting locations and tips. Until then here are 2 photos for you:
Almost ready for push-back at Doha Airport:
A7-BCK  B787-8  Qatar Airways
And this one was one of the highlights in Kathmandu. The only MA-60 of Nepal Airlines and also the 1st aircraft to wear the new colours. Delivered in June:
9N-AKQ  MA-60  Nepal Airlines
Thank you for stopping by.

Rui Miguel