Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 29/10/2014

An afternoon spotting session at Lisbon airport resulted in some new photos taken from a different angle and also narrowing the gap of Portuguese (CS-) aircrafts that I still don't have on photo.
The daily Emirates flight was operated by A6-ECJ:

A6-ECJ  B777-31H/ER  Emirates
 At 14:43 this was what Terminal 2 apron looked like. Something that spotters in Lisbon would find very hard to belive 1 or 2 years ago...
Turkish Airlines flight was a bit late, providing some great light for it's afternoon departure:
TC-JHL  B737-8F2  Turkish Airlines
Departing to Salvador, Brazil. CS-TOR is now the only TAP aircraft I've not yet photographed:
CS-TOQ  A330-203  TAP
The 2 late afternoon  arrivals were the highlights of the day:
CS-TLZ  B767-375/ERF  EuroAtlanticargo
Arriving from Santiago Compostela:
CS-PHA  Phenom 300  NetJets
Rui Miguel


Same Same but different

  Those of you who have travelled through Thailand and South East Asia have probably heard the expression "same same but different". Taking away the scam concept that sometimes is associated to this tagline, I think that actually fits on this recent "make-up" that I gave to the blog. Apart from the background colour, the main extra added is the image gallery organized by year on the upper part. It will take me sometime to upload photos, so at the beggining of each gallery I will put a date of the latest upload so that you know when there's something new. Right now I'm starting with 2008, which was a very productive year for photos. By the way, in 2011 and 2012 there were no photos as I got my camera stollen in Milan Malpensa Airport, and I've decided to focus on registrations instead.
For those that have been following the blog, you've probably noticed that I've not that travelled abroad recently. Let me assure that I've not given up on that. In fact, until January I got at least 10 flights booked and that covers 3 European Airports, 2 layovers in Doha and a spotting trip to an exotic country in Asia. As any author, you can not simply expecting me to reveal everything at once... Thank you for reading and stopping by.

Rui Miguel


The Jordanian freighter

Hy everyone,
I was going through some photos when I noticed the Royal Jordanian eye catching colours. What would be an exotic visitor around Lisbon these days, was actually a regular during 2008, when operating cargo flights to Brussels on behalf of TAP Cargo.
These 2 photos were taken on the 23rd of November 2008, while the A310 enters runway 03 for departure:
JY-AGQ  A310-304F  Royal Jordanian Cargo
JY-AGQ  A310-304F  Royal Jordanian Cargo
When I saw these photos today, I actually stoped for a minute to admire this colours. Awesome paint job, and yes, whish they were regular here at Lisbon.

Rui Miguel