Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 29/09/2014

September was not as sunny as I was expecting, after a not that sunny Summer around here in Lisbon. A lot of rain and clouds passing by and so it has been almost a month since I went to the airport last time. But yesterday was airport day again, and even though there was nothing exotic, I got 5 new registrations. But the best part was to try for the 1st time my new (well it's actually 2 hand) Canon 1100D, replacing the 400D. I felt there has been an improvment on photo quality, so the next step will be un upgrade on the lens (currently using the Canon 55-250), but that will take some time...
Enough of chit chat, let's kick out with this morning arrival from CDG:
G-EZIY  A319-111  easyJet
2 of the new registrations were actually 2 TAP , A330 CS-TOQ and this A319, arriving from Zurich:
CS-TTV  A319-112  TAP
Also arriving from CDG, and operating for Air France, was this based A310:
CS-TEX  A310-304  HiFly
Usually I leave before the arrival of the Turkish Airlines flight from IST, but today the flight landed half an hour earlier:
TC-JGI  B737-8F2  Turkish Airlines
And last call was the twice weekly Air Algerie flight:
7T-VJP  B737-8D6  Air Algerie
That's it for today, have a great week!

Rui Miguel


Fly smart, fly Clickair

Anyone remebers this one? Clickair was a Barcelona based low cost airline set up by Iberia (among other partners) in 2006 and lasted 3 years until it merged with Vueling in 2009. Despite it only lived for 3 years, it operated a fleet of more then 20 A320, across Europe and even to, as far as, Israel. Back in 2008 it was the airline I choosed to fly to Tel Aviv from Porto, with a stop in Barcelona.
Approaching Malaga, one of the airline bases:
EC-HQI  A320-214  Clickair
EC-GRG  A320-211  Clickair
EC-HHA  A320-214  Clickair
The above photo was taken in May 2009. Bellow is the same aircraft, now with Vueling colours. The photo was taken in April 2010:
EC-HHA  A320-214  Vueling
Clickair was actually a successful airline, and the merger with Vueling was actually to make it bigger. And yes, we all know nowadays how big Vueling is, with a fleet of 90 aircraft, and orders for 52 more. Clickair ceased operations 5 years ago, but to me it seems like yesterday.

Rui Miguel


SN Brussels metamorphosis

Brussels Airlines is the outcome of the merger between SN Brussels and Virgin Express, announced on 31st of March 2006. Latter in November the "Brussels Airlines" name was announced and on operating began March 2007. As with all the mergers, a fast brand awareness is important for the new identity, but on airline industry that sometimes might result on aircrafts stil wearing the basic livery of its predecessor.
This jumbolino was picture in May 2009, approaching Geneva airport, still wearing the old colours, but already with the new airline name on it:

OO-DJW  BAe RJ85  Brussels Airlines
 This A319 is pictured arriving Lisbon on May 2010 and it's transformation is almost complete...
OO-SSK  A319-112  Brussels Airlines
Rui Miguel


Alaska mad dog

Seattle based Alaska Airlines operates since 2008 an "All Boeing fleet". On that same year, the MD82/83 were phased out, leaving Alaska Airlines a fleet of only B737, versions -400, -700, -800 an -900. Alaska Airlines was actually the launch customer for the MD-83, back in February 1985, and operated a total of 48 mad dogs. The only fatal accident on Alaska's history was the lost of N963AS on January 2000, with 88 people on board.
Here's a photo of sister aircraft, pictured on short final for Las Vegas runway 25L, on February 2008:
N968AS  MD-83  Alaska Airlines
This airframe has c/n 53016 and l/n 185. It was delivered to Alaska in 1991 and in 2009 went flying to Nigerian airline Dana Air as 5N-JAI.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 01/09/2014

Hi everyone,
So, after a great weekend of spotting at Dublin airport, where I got around 30 new registrations, I'm back to what is nowadays my home town airport, Lisbon. Yesterday I was from early morning till 10:15 at the airport, and as usual, I didn't get disappointed.
This shamrock is actually arriving from Cork and not from Dublin:
EI-DVH  A320-214  Aer Lingus
I was beyond joy with this next one. I've been looking for a chance to take a look (and a good photo) of  the Transavia colours in an A320. Same same but different:
F-HBNL  A320-214  Transavia France
easyJet sometimes also has "upgrads", in this case the Luton flight brought us this logojet:
G-EZEZ  A319-111  easyJet
A new registration was this evelop A320. According to flightradar24 is seen here operating a TACV flight from Praia:
EC-LZD  A320-214  Evelop
And because it was monday I've decided to leave only after the arrival of Air Algérie (they operate 2 weekly flights):
7T-VJR  B737-6D6  Air Algérie
Rui Miguel