Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 16/07/2014

Here's a quick snapshot of wednesday morning at Lisbon, starting with this new registration for me, from the regulat TNT:
That morning's Barcelona flight by Vueling got a nice upgrade with this Privilege B757:
EC-HDS  B757-256  Privilege
This German registered bizjet was also an interesting visitor:
D-BIGA  BD-100
I'm finnishing todays post with a photo of the morning Iberia arrival from Madrid. Tomorrow I'm going on holidays to Senegal flying with Iberia with a stop in MAD. Between arriving and departing I'll try to get some registrations from Dakar airport, but that's it, no photos (although the idea of a spotting trip to Dakar is very appealing. So here's that last photo and have a good one :)
EC-ILR  A320-214  Iberia

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 15/07/2014

This month we are having plenty of sunshine days and with trips to the airport have been quite common. 2 days ago, as I was returning home from work, I've made a stop at the airport for same later afternoon photos. The only new registration was this Air France A320, which was also the 1st time I photographed one with winglets:
F-HEPH  A320-214  Air France
Brussels airlines afternoon flight arrives with great light, and although not a new registration, this is my 1st photo of OO-SSM, which was delivered to Sabena in 2000.
OO-SSM  A319-112  Brussels Airlines
D-ALEE  B757-236(SF)  EAT Leipzig
Did you know PGA is the 2nd biggest (along Helvetic) European operator of the Fokker 100?
CS-TPF  Fokker 100  PGA
Tomorrow I'll upload yesterdays photos. Take care :)

Rui Miguel


Pegasus Classic Jet

Last week I was reading an article on Airliner World featuring Pegasus (Turkey), which has highlighted their current growth and fleet expansion plans. The backbone of it's fleet is the B737-800, with already 4 brand new A320 operating with the airline. Pegasus is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe and in 2012 it placed the largest aircraft order in Turkish aviation, by signing a contract for 100 new Airbuses.
But like all the big airlines, it has an history of other aircrafts operated. Pegasus operated B737-200/300/400/500 as well as 2 A300 on lease from Carnival Airlines. One of those classics that I go no photo was this B737-500, seen here on approach to Antalya airport on 20th of May 2010:
TC-AAG  B737-5L9  Pegasus
This airframe has now the Greek registration SX-BHR, flying for Hermes Airlines.
I also have a few photos of Pegasus B737-800, but in order for that to became history, I guess I'll just have to wait until they're fully replaced by the A320.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 10/07/2014

These are some photos of a great morning of spotting at Lisbon. There were some aircrafts that I was expecting to get on camera and there were some surprises as well, like this White A310, which used to be painted in full white scheme.
CS-TQV  A310-304  White
Next was this Portuguese registered NetJets arriving from Casablanca. It departed latter on to Geneva:
CS-DLF  Falcon 2000EX  NetJets
This one is actually based in Lisbon, operating flights for TAP, while 2 "new" A330-200 are being prepared to be delivered to the airline. I've seen it a few times and I've been dreaming with a photo for a while. I'm not sure what to say about this vivid colours, but hey, they sure got anyones attention:
UR-WRQ  A330-223 Wind Rose
I had seen this White ATR-72 the day before, and the aircraft has on its left side small titles "Operated by White":
OY-EBW  ATR-72 500  White
This Air France A320 was actually operating a Transavia flight 3414 from Paris Orly. I'm still waiting for my turn to get a look to an A320 painted in Transavia colours...
F-GKXG  A320-214  Air France

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 09/07/2014

Do you know that feeling when you are almost at your usual spot at the airport and see something just about to take-off? What do you do? You run! That's what I had to do to get this gorgeous looking 757:
D4-CBP  B757-2Q8  TACV
I was still trying to take a deep breath and calm down, when this Falcon 7X come in to land on runway 03:
VQ-BAA  Falcon 7X
Another African visitor was this Tunisair, an airline that is a are regular visitor during the Summer:
TS-IMM  A320-211  Tunisair
On this day I got 5 new registrations and this Norwegian was one of them. Lucky for me it arrived with a delay of 2 hours from Oslo, operating flight DY1786:
LN-NOR  B737-81D  Norwegian
Next I will upload thursdays morning photos. Enjoy your weekend :)

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 07/07/2014

Nowadays, with all the technology available, planespotters know in advance when something out of the ordinary, or that missing registration, is popping up. Now, there's nothing wrong with that but I'm keeping the hobby as old school, by not knowing in advance what to expect. For me that would just kill the mistery and excitement. The only way I know if there's something good coming up is by the number of local spotters that are in the area. That sign is clear enough and that's what got my attention first, before 2 awesome highlights at Lisbon airport last monday.
BAe Jetstreams 31 are a rarity, specially when they are privately operated and from an exotic country as Morocco:
CN-TMK  BAe Jetstream 31
While this was taking-off a 4 engines aircraft was about to land. As Lisbon airport doesn't have any scheduled B747 operations, to see this Giant was amazing:
N418MC  B747-47UF  Atlas Air
2 posts ago I've shown you a photo of one of TAP's newest A320 (CS-TNW). Here's CS-TNX, completing a domestic flight from Porto as TP1975:
CS-TNX  A320-214  TAP
This recently delivered Nouvelair A320 operated a charter to Enfidha, Tunisia:
TS-INR  A320-214  Nouvelair
After monday, I gave myself a 1 day break from planespotting and was again yesterday afternoon at the airport and this morning, so you can expect more sunny photos and some hightlights from Lisbon.
Enjoy the Summer :)

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 04/07/2014

A don't think there has been many friday afternoons that I've spent at Lisbon airport this Summer. Because airline timetable change from day to day I was curious to what I could spot under some gorgeous late evening sun.
 One of the 2 American registered bizjets I saw (the other was GLF-IV N402FT)
N541CX  Citation X
 Then 2 ATR approached. Due to late aircraft arrivals, TAP has gone to the market to get some last minute replacements, before the new ones are ready. Among then is this Helitt ATR:
EC-LNQ  ATR-72 202  Helitt
White operates this brand new -600 series on behalf of PGA.
CS-TRU  ATR-42 600  White
A new registration and will be a frequent sight here in Lisbon, hopefully for many years. Now, what is not that common is to see daylight visitors from Israel. This summer we have Israir, and Arkia ( I think operating with El Al aircraft) operating to Lisbon. I was beyond joy to catch this one:
4X-ABG  A320-232  Israir
When I look back to this 4 photos I realise why I love soo much late Summer afternoon light. Today is raining, but with the weather forecast showing blue skies for the next week, I'm looking forward for more afternoon visits to the airport.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 26/06/2014

After 10 days of absence from Lisbon airport, I enjoyed the last sunny moments at the airport on the 26th. Thursdays is the day that Air Algerie operates it's 2nd (and last) weekly flights into Lisbon. This time we didn't had the regular -800 but the shorter -600:
7T-VJU  B737-6D6  Air Algerie
And just when I was thinking about bizjets, this one came in from Catania and departed 1 hour latter to Belgrade:
YU-BZM  Citation 560XL
But the big highlight was this Yamal A320 arriving from St. Petersburg:
VP-BCN  A320-232  Yamal Airlines
That was the 1st time I've seen an Yamal aircraft, and speaking about "1st times", I give you the 1st adition of TAP fleet for this year:
CS-TNW  A320-214  TAP
On a side note, I was last weekend in Manchester for spotting, but the weather was not great and I didn't took the camera, so no photos this time, but a lot (and I really mean it) registrations. All in all a fantastic airport for spotting.
Take care :)

Rui Miguel