Champion Air defeated

Champion Air (MG/CCP) was one of the many airlines that have cessed operations on US during the recent years. It operated charter flights across the country and to the a number of summer destinations around, having the venerable B727 as the backbone of it's fleet. They were on my wish list for what I wanted to see in Vegas back in 2008 and in just 5 minutes I've managed to spot 2 of their B727 on short fnal:
N292AS  B727-212/Adv  Champion Air
N293AS  B727-212/Adv  Champion Air
Champion Air ended operations more then 6 years ago, 31st of May 2008 to be more precise, and among the reasons were the high oil prices at that time.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 16/06/2014

Just passing by. That was it. I was just passing by Lisbon airport last monday when I saw an A340 turning to final. My first thought was TAP. Then I remember that it could be an Iberia A340 that departed yesterday to Brazil operating a flight to TAP. Both were wrong, when I realised what it was I quickly get the camera and got this photo:
CS-TQM  A340-313  HiFly
Absolutely pure luck to get it on photo, but actually "TQM" has been seen operating a few flights for TAP in and out of Lisbon airport. Nevertheless something to remember in the future.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 15/06/2014

As usual, with the start of Summer, new flights are added to airports timetable around the world. Among the new routes we have in Lisbon, I've been looking forward to take some photos of flight US760 from Charlotte. The Summer only PHL flights are daily, but the CLT are not (even though they were initially scheduled to be). My goal is to get a B767-200 in one of those flights, and even though they have been here, I've never got a good chance to snap a quility photo. Here're some impressions from that morning:
Arriving from Palma de Mallorca as YW3750
EC-JTS  CRJ-900  Air Nostrum
easyJet flighs from Edinburgh usually means an A320 with winglets, and this one was actually a new registration to me:
G-EZWJ  A320-214  easyJet
US760 from Charlotte:
N202UW  B757-2B7  US Airways
Remember that, after December's 2013 merger, full integration with American Airlines should be completed by 2015, which by then will mark the end of US Airways.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 14/06/2014

Last saturday it was one of those days that sure got the area around Lisbon airport crowded with spotters. I didn't knew what they were expecting, but I knew it had to be something good. The 2 first highlights were from nearby Spain:
EC-LFZ  ERJ-195LR  Air Europa
EC-HHI  CRJ-200ER  Air Nostrum
And the highlight was this triple 7 coming in to pick-up Portuguese supporters for the World Cup:
F-ONOU  B777-3Q8ER  Air Austral
Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 12/06/2014

This is a small photo report what I can see when I go to work and I pass by the airport. I usually spent about 30 minutes there and sometimes I can get something out of the ordinary, like the Evelop A330, that is seen here operating a flight for TAP.
OY-SRM  B767-25E(F)  Star Air
This A330 was a common sight last week and on the other side of the aircraft has the airline name painted in a graffiti style:
CS-TRH  A330-343X  Evelop
TAAG is to shortlly add a 3rd B773 (D2-TEI), but until then it's all about either "G" or "H" operating the morning arrival flight from Luanda:
D2-TEH  B777-3M2/ER  TAAG
Even though Lisbon based, the 4 A340 are something rare to see...
CS-TOD  A340-312  TAP
I think this is my first post with only widebodys, but that pretty much sums up what I can in the early morning from 06:35 till 07:15. Not bad :)

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 11/06/2014

I've recentlly returned from a 1 week trip to Finland and while abroad I had little or no contact with Internet. So, and even though I wanted to write some new articles for the blog, I've not updated it. But I'll do it soon and write about some airlines that went to the history books. In the mean time I'll show you what I got last wednesday morning from Lisbon. Days have been sunny and warmer, so I think there will be more spotting opportunities in the future.
Early morning arrival from Republic Airport (near Long Island, NY)
N534QS  Gulfstream V  NetJets
16804  C-130H  Portuguese AF
Finally I've spotted this hybrid livery:
PH-HZA  B737-8K2  Transavia
And operating a flight for TAP from Fortaleza, was this good looking A330:
CS-TRH  A330-343X  Evelop
Have a great weekend!

Rui Miguel