Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 24/05/2014

These are the photos (well only the highlights) I've managed to get on saturday morning, the day of the final the Chamipons League. I've to say I was there only until 10AM. That's the time I usually stop taking photos, and even though I was at first thinking in staying there as much as I could, I've to say I was more then happy with what I saw. So I've returned home.
EC-LNH  A330-243  Air Europa
followed by another A330...
EC-KOM  A330-202  Air Europa
EC-LKH  A320-214  Iberia Express
EC-IXD  A321-211  Iberia
EC-JHK  B737-85P  Air Europa
We had bizjets from all over, and this was one of the few that arrived with Mexican registration:
XA-ALC  Gulfstream V
Not a new registration since I've spotted him about 2 years ago in Newark. Well a lot of good stuff was missed, but when you're a planespotter it's more what you miss then what you get, so, and like I allways like to think, maybe some other day.
Have a great weekend!

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 23/05/2014

Last friday I managed to get a mere glimpse of some traffic connected with the Champions League Final, that took place in Lisbon. Because I worked that day I could only get to the spot at around 18:30, and that was after a running as I was watching (in despair) some gorgeous bizjets landing. Highlights were not passengers charters (as both teams were from nearby Madrid), but instead bizjets, with extra flights from Spannish airlines:
N113SR  CL-600
Although a regular one, this Air France was actually someting new for me:
F-GKXC  A320-211  Air France
Probably the most colourful I've seen that day:
N79AY  BD-700
Air Europa operated several flights using the A330:
EC-JZL  A330-202  Air Europa
OE-HAM  Falcon 2000LX
A good looking Greek bizjet:
SX-JET  Falcon 7X
And to end, something a bit more exotic:
4X-CLL  Gulfstream G200
Now time to get to photoshop and work on saturday photos. Take care :)

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 17/05/2014

Hi everyone!
Yes I know it has been a few days, but finally got some time to upload some photos from the 17th. I spent that saturday morning as the weather was really good, and, as allways, I was rewarded with some nice surprises.
Replacing the usual ERJ-145 leased from Privilege, Air Europa morning rotation from Madrid was operated by this ATR:
EC-MAF  ATR-72 500  Swiftair
Around 8AM is the TAP morning rush hour, for both arrivals and departures.
TP553 arriving from Munich:
CS-TTA  A319-111  TAP
...followed by CS-TTE arriving from Amsterdam, operating flight TP669:
CS-TTE  A319-111  TAP
This Gulfstream V was an interesting visitor. More and more I'm spotting the Isle of Man registration on bizjets:

M-GLFV  Gulfstream V
 And to end, we had this nice charter coming in from Rennes, France:
OM-CEX  B737-436  Air Explore
Next I will upload the photos from last weekend. Lisbon hosted the Champions League Final and there were a lot of bizjets to be spotted.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 13/05/2014

A quick snapshot of some afternoon movements in Lisbon airport:

G-EZBI  A319-111  easyJet
PH-HZX  B737-8K2  Transavia
D-ALEF  B757-236(SF)  EAT Leipzig
CS-DNR  Falcon 2000  NetJets
Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 12/05/2014

Last monday I had the day off and spent the whole morning at airport, before I've decided that I had seen my share of planes for the day. It was a warm day with clear skies and some interesting stuff as well.
It's very rare to see an HiFly aircraft around here, and to be honest, this was the 1st time I got "TEX" on camera, seen here arriving from Punta Cana.
CS-TEX  A310-304  HiFly
The day was busy with bizjets and this one was, as well, my 1st time getting a photo of a Falcon 7X:
VP-CSX  Falcon 7X
I don't do helicopters, but why not taking a photo of this one?
EC-KNH  A109E  Inaer
With Ryanair you can allways hope to get something a little bit more special. I had seen EI-EVF in Dublin 2 weeks ago for the first time and here it is again, with special titles regarding the new Warsaw airport:
EI-EVF  B737-8AS  Ryanair
After all this white colours, about a grey military?!
16707  C295-M  Portuguese AF
As soon as I get some free time I'll upload yesterday photos. Have a great week!

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 09/05/2014

Yesterday afternoon I went for a quick session of spotting in Lisbon. Actually my main goal was not traffic but to search for a better place from where to take photos. Because my usual spot is leveled with terrain, nowadays I'm getting a lot of, let's call it, "tall grass" covering just a tiny bit the landing gear and the engines. After making my way through some "jungle" I found a good spot to get photos of planes lining-up runway 03. The only down is the fact that I have some lamp posts which makes approach photos more difficult.
My first photo of a Luxair aircraft in Lisbon:
LX-LGU  B737-8C9  Luxair
And G-EUUV operated flight BA503. I had spotted this one before in LHR but never in LIS:
G-EUUV  A320-232  British Airaways
Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 08/05/2014

Nowadays, when I go to work, I pass by the airport with the sun already shining. All the good elements are there and I stay for about 20 minutes hopping to get something on camera. Usually, on this short window of time I can see some TAP early morning arrivals, but the real highight is the Danish registered Star Air B767, which yesterday was operated by OY-SRN:
OY-SRN  B767-219/ERF  Star Air
On the way back home, I've decided to make another stop, this time a bit longer. And it was so quick to get a good highlight:
VP-BGT  CL-600
Spotted last month in Marseille, it was good to see this Algerian B737 under such good light conditions:
7T-VKA  B737-8D6  Air Algerie
Unlike the last day I've been at the airport, the evening Air France flight wasn't operated by an A318, but by this A321 wearing the revised colour scheme:
F-GTAY  A321-212  Air France
Rui Miguel


Virgin Atlantic ends Sydney flights

Although still updating the blog with my latest photos, it's main backbone are past operations. Usually it's about defunct airlines but today's entry is about an airline who pull the plug on one of the worlds most famous routes: the Kangaroo route.
I've visited Sydney airport twice (2007 and  2009) and by then BA, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic, operated flights on this route, linking Australia and the United Kingdom. Last monday Virgin Atlantic operated it's last Sydney flight (which operated with a stop in Hong Kong), marking the end of almost 10 years of service on this route. British Airways now stands as the solo European operator on the Kangaroo route. I've managed to get a lof of photos of their long A340-600 in SYD, but I prefer to upload these 2 as they show 2 different liveries:
G-VWIN  A340-642  Virgin Atlantic
G-VBUG  A340-642  Virgin Atlantic
Further, and good, reading on this subject can be found on this CAPA report.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 02/05/2014

Having last friday off from work, I've went to the airport for some morning arrival shots. Actually the first highligh was the departure of Orenair B737 VP-BEN, at around 06:40. As for the arrivals the only special aircraft I saw was a non spanish registered A320 operating the morning Barcelona flight.
OY-SRM  B767-25E(BDSF)  Star Air
Arriving from Porto, after a flight from thei Belgian hub in Liege:
OE-IAP  B737-4M0(SF)  TNT
The 1st I saw an Avion Express A320 was in Keflavik airport last year. Although in white colours, this Lithuanian aircraft is a good addition to the collection:
LY-VER  A320-212  Avion Express
But the real highlight of the day was the arrival on 2 B747 from the Japan Self-Defense Forces. I wasn't at the airport so, maybe some other time...

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 01/05/2014

May has arrived and so far it has brought good weather and great movements at Lisbon airport. As usual I went early morning and it didn't took me long to get my first surprise:
EC-LZO B767-35D/ER Privilege Style
And during the afternoon I was rewarded with photos on 2 new (for me) A320:
LZ-BHF A320-214 BH Air
CS-TRO arrived from Alverca the day before and is seen here departing to Madrid:
CS-TRO A320-214 White
PS: I went again to the airport this morning but it will take me a few days to upload the photos, and yes, you can expect something a bit exotic... Weekend will be spent in Dublin Airport, although I'm not expecting to bring back any photos as the weather will be cloudy, but hopefully I'll get a big log and Air Contractors B757 which is leased to Aer Lingus.

Rui Miguel