Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 28/04/2014

It has been a long time since I went to Lisbon airport for a full day of spotting. So I've decided to take advantage of the sunshine last monday and went to the airport to see what was going on, which resulted in some good photos of exotic visitors.
Usually I never expect to see bizjets arriving early morning, so this gorgeous looking one was a welcome sight:
OO-LIE  Citation 525B
 Another debut for me (and yes I've been waiting for this one for ages!) was this Air Transat A330 coming in from Toronto:
C-GTSI  A330-243  Air Transat
 During the IATA Summer schedule, Aer Lingus also flies to Lisbon from Cork (along Dublin):
EI-CVA  A320-214  Aer Lingus
 A new airline we have this Summer is Air Algerie, flying twice a week:
7T-VKB  B737-8D6  Air Algerie
During the afternoon the only highlight was this MMZ B767 operating TAP service to Fortaleza:
CS-TFS  B767-3Y0/ER  EuroAtlantic Airways

 Rui Miguel


Marseille (LFML/MRS) 12-13/04/2014

Even though April is a very wet month, I can't help to think that Summer is getting closer. Not only I got my 1st 2014 sunburn last week, but I had a Summer feeling spotting trip 2 weekends ago to Southern French airport Marseille Provence.
Marseille was actually an easy choice. Ryanair started this month daily flights from Lisbon, it would be a new airport and there were good chances of getting pleasant weather. And yes, all went for the best. I have arrived in early afternoon on saturday and quicklly walked the 40min path around the airport to the afternoon spot for runway 32R. Here's a snapshot showing the diversity of traffic spotted:
F-GRPJ  ATR 72-212A  Air Corsica
EI-EMM  B737-8AS  Ryanair
CS-DHM  Citation 550B

G-ITSU  Phenom 100
D-AEBH  ERJ-195LR  Lufthansa Cityline

F-HBAL  A319-111  Aigle Azur
F-GYAP  A321-211  Air Mediterranée
F-GIXN  B737-4Y0(SF)  Europe Airpost
CS-TPE  Fokker 100  PGA

D-AISL  A321-231  Lufthansa
F-GPMA  A319-113  Air France

G-DBCI  A319-131  British Airways
EC-LPG  CRJ-1000  Air Nostrum

OO-JAF  B737-8K5  JetairFly
F-GIXB  B737-3B3(QC)  Europe Airpost
7T-VKD  B737-8D6  Air Algérie
Marseille is a good airport for planespotting and, provided runway 32R is in use for landings and departures, it has good spotting locations. Definitely an airport to return!

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 18/04/2014

After looking to the weather forecast in Lisbon, I've decided to go yesterday for an afternoon session of spotting. Before the time change, the afternoon spot was fantastic to start taking photos in early afternoon, as the sun was in a lower position. Nowadays, one has to wait to take a bit longer to take photos where it doesn't like the planes have to much shade.
And what you know?! Yesterday the "1st customer" of my camera was CS-TOA, which was nothing else then the only TAP A340 that I had never photographed:
CS-TOA  A340-312  TAP
Another Portuguese widebody yet to be photographed was this albino A310 from SATA:
CS-TKM  A310-304  SATA
 EI-EMO was a new registration and is seen here lining-up for departure to Brussels.
EI-EMO  B737-8AS  Ryanair
But the highlight of the afternoon was this SmartLynx A320, operating for Windavia:
YL-LCO  A320-214  SmartLynx
Until next time, happy spotting and have a good weekend.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 17/04/2014

Unlike many people nowadays, I still enjoy going to the airport with no knowleadge if anything more exotic will be arriving on that day or not. With that in mind I was over the moon when one of the first morning arrival was a special flight, coming in from Zagreb:
SP-ENH  B737-405  Enter Air
Now, if at this point I was already delighted, I don't know what to say about the next one. The TAAG B777 are daily visitores to Lisbon, but this was the 1st time that I managed to get one of them on this angle with this awesome moring light:
D2-TEG   B777-3M2/ER  TAAG
Another not that common visitor was this Austrian registered TNT:
OE-IAT  B737-4M0(SF)  TNT
Other interesting aircrafts were Small Planet recentelly delivered SP-HAF and a US Air Force C-40 (B737BBJ) 02-0202.
Overall I got good photos and registrations and also my 1st sunburn of the year :)

Rui Miguel


Monarch retired the A300

Aircraft manufatures are quick in innovating and developing more efficient aircrafts. Nowadays, even though many aspects have to be considered, what makes an airline decide from A to B, when making a choice for an aircraft, it's the fuel consumption.
With new ones being added the old thirsty ones will be retired. That's not something new in aviation as a quick look into the past will show us a long history of aircraft types, each one bringing more benefits then its predecessor
About 3 months ago I've wrote about Tunisair A300 retirement [a side note, one of them has been reactivated for flights to Jeddah], and today is time to bid farewell to the last A300 of Monarch.
Monarch 4 A300B4 carried around 20 million passengeres and have been operating with the airline since 1990. The 1st 2 were delivered that year (msn/540 and 556) followed by 2 more arrivals the following year (msn/604 and 605). Given the leisure flights that ones associates with monarch, the A300 were kept busy flying holidaymakers during the summer season. So it was no surprise for me to spot a few during my trip to Palma de Mallorca in 2008 or on their home base of Gatwick.
G-MAJS  A300B4-605R  Monarch Airlines
G-MONR  A300B4-605R  Monarch Airlines
G-OJMR  A300B4-605R  Monarch Airlines
The last Monarch A300 flight happend last sunday (ZB300) from Gatwick to Birmingham marking the end of an era.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 07/04/2014

 Having nowadays latter sunsets has meant a whole new opportunity of spotting at Lisbon. As I usually pass daily by the airport on my way to work and home, yesterday I had the chance to make a detour for some photos. With sunset time now being around 8PM, I had about an hour and half of spotting with some great evening light. My two highlights:

EC-LVP  A320-214  Vueling
 With the sunshine lasting longer you can watch the freighters departures, that usually arrive early morning. This (and the DHL bright yellow B757s) are among my favorite daily visitors:
OY-SRO  B767-25E  Star Air
I can't wait for more afternoons like this. All the best.

Rui Miguel