Brussels (EBBR/BRU) 16/03/2014

Even though I had transited twice BRU airport, I had never been there for a dedicated spotting trip. The 1st time was in 2005 flying from Lisbon to Oslo, and in 2010 I was returning to Lisbon after a weekend break in Prague. The new (and cheap) double daily Ryanair flights to the Zaventem airport were an offer to good to ignore, so last weekend I've packed my gear and visited BRU.
I assumed 25L would be used for arrivals so when I get to Kortenberg station and saw all the landing were actually taking place on 25R I had to walk for a long time. Well let's just say that saturday wasn't a very good day of spotting with not that many movements and some cloudy skies. But things changed on sunday, at least for the weather and photos were taken during the morning of arrivals to 25L (even though some were landing as well on 25R...)

N1602  B767-332/ER  Delta
OO-SFZ  A330-223  Brussels Airlines
C-GLCA  B767-375/ER  Air Canada
OO-SSW  A319-111  Brussels Airlines
TS-IOQ  B737-6H3  Tunisair
EI-DSL  A320-216  Air One
OO-SFY  A330-223  Brussels Airlines
CN-RNQ  B737-7B6  Royal Air Maroc
I was a surprised with the low number of arrivals, but a check on flightstats website for the a week day arrivals, has showen me more flights and airlines then on weekends. So perhaps next time I'll have to pay a visit during the week.

Rui Miguel


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 08/03/2014

Las saturday went a for a quick visit to the airport before boarding to an easyJet flight to Madrid. Light was perfect and there was some variety of colours. I don't usually have that much time to edit photos, so I'll only upload 3 that got my attention more then the others:

This is actually my 1st decent photo of Star Alliance logojet CS-TNP:
CS-TNP  A320-214  TAP
 Not the 1st time I spot this one in Lisbon, but it was my first sharklet equiped Vueling on photo:
EC-LVX  A320-214  Lisbon
Often ignored, this local Fokker 100, one of 3 that arrived to LIS, during my short visit:
CS-TPA  Fokker 100  PGA

Happy spotting :)

Rui Miguel