Las Vegas 6 Years ago - Part II

Continuing the Las Vegas snapshot, on this part you will see the (small) international presence at the time I was there as well as some bizjets:
C-FZQS  A320-214  Air Canada

C-GARO  A319-114  Air Canada

G-GRWS  B737-76N  WestJet

C-GVWJ  B737-7CT  WestJet

C-GWSE  B737-76N  WestJet

G-VAST  B747-41R  Virgin Atlantic

G-VROM  B747-443 Virgin Atlantic

XA-TVL  B737-210/Adv  Aviacsa

XA-UGE  B737-301  Aviacsa
XA-UCZ  A320-231  Mexicana
N13JS  BD-700

N361K  Falcon 900

N508P  Gulfstream V

N722SG  Citation 525

N804MS  B767-3P6/ER

XA-ERH  Gulfstream III
Vegas was by far one of the best airports that I've ever been to. It's among the world bussiest for aircraft movements and the weather is best in the winter, where one can expect sunshine, good temperatures and many photos/ registrations.


Las Vegas 6 Years ago - Part I

2008 in my mind seems like yesterday, and yet, it has been 6 years since I've been to the States for the first time. A long 6 day trip visiting LAS and LAX provided me with loads of photos and the biggest log I ever got on any spotting trip. 6 years is a lot in aviation, and comparing 2008 traffic at Las Vegas with nowadays you can note thst some aircraft types have been retired and some airlines ceased operations. This is part I (out of II) and is based on american airlines (N registered, not AA) that operated to LAS on February 2008:
N135DL  B767-332  Delta

N143YV  Beech 1900D  Mesa Airlines (US Airways Express)

N158AW  B737-3G7  US Airways

N292AS  B727-212/Adv  Champion Air

N327NB  A319-114  NWA

N405A  MD-82  American Airlines

N479UA  A320-232  Ted

N486WN  B737-7H4  Southwest

N507US  B757-251  NWA

N523NK  A319-132  Spirit

N651DL  B757-232  Delta

N750DH  B757-2M7F  Astar Air Cargo

N823ME  MD-88  Midwest

N826AW  A319-132  US Airways

N865GA  MD-81  Allegiant Air

N913DN  MD-90  Delta

N945FR  A319-111  Frontier

N961AS  MD-83  Alaska Airlines

N5294M  B737-253/Adv  EG&G

N74856  B757-324  Continental
So many good memories. The 2nd part will include international visitors and bizjets. Enjoy your weekend.


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 16/02/2014

After a very wet week, this weekend we had/are having some pleasant sunny days. I haven't been the most regular visitor to Lisbon airport, so today I've decided to make the most of the "sky clear" weather forecast, grab my gear and walked for an half hour to the runway 03 approach spot.
Didn't saw anything new, but managed to get to logojets that I didn't had on photo yet:

G-EZEZ  A319-111  easyJet
 The regular OMNI Beech 1900 that operates regional flights along sister aircraft CS-TMU.
CS-TMV  Beech 1900D  OMNI (PGA Express)

LN-NGE  B737-8JP  Norwegian
Best regards and have a good week.

Rui Miguel


London Luton (EGGW/LTN) 08/02/2014

Hi everyone,
I've picked up an old habit of doing one spotting trip p/month. Last month I was in Venice, which gave me the oportunity to go to a new airport, log new airlines and even a new aicraft type (Sukhoi SSJ). Weather wasn't good at all so there were no photos and the blog wasn't updated. Last weekend I did it again, this time to a never disapointing London Luton.
I flew with easyJet from Lisbon on saturday morning, returnig on the following day. Weather was basically cloudy and windy (a lot) so I didn't spent that much time outside the terminal logging aircrafts. However I did saw almost 30 new registrations and even managed to snap a photo of this good looking Global Express:
N724AF  BD-700
 Luton is an outstanding place to see bizjets in Europe. Another "attraction" is the moring Wizzair rush our with several arrivals within minutes.
I'm already looking for flights for March. Destination is not choosen yet, but I'm keeping my shortlist active.

Rui Miguel