Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 28/11/2013

Here are 3 interesting visitors to Lisbon 2 days ago:

First time spotting this Vueling logojet:
EC-JZQ  A320-214  Vueling
 Continuing with "1st timers", this is the 1st Italian registered bizjet that I got on photo:
I-FEDN  Falcon 2000LX
 The highlight of the day was this B747:
N408MC  B747-47UF  Atlas Air
For the afternoon photos I've found a new spot where aicrafts can be photographed lining-up runway 03 with good light. More photos from this great location will follow in future reports.

Have a good weekend.


Lisbon (LPPT/LIS) 27/11/2013

I'm finally on holidays and that means I'll have more free time for spotting. I've arrived a few days ago from a spotting trip to Istambul (a report to follow...) and I've been very busy in Lisbon as the weather as been so perfect.
Here are two highlights from 2 days ago:

EC-HHN  EMB-120RT  Flighline

EI-DYO  B737-8AS  Ryanair
Ryanair started on the 26th it's flights to Lisbon. Right now they are flying to Stansted, Paris Beauvais, Hahn and Charleroi. But recentely a daily flight to Dublin was anounced as well as 2 daily to Brussels. That will off course mean new spotting opportunities...


Lisbon Airport (LPPT/LIS) 17/11/2013

Yesterday I've managed a few photos during the morning in Lisbon. The airport is a bit more quieter (not sure if because of the Winter schedule in effect) so I didn't saw as many aircrafts as I expected. Yet, this 2 were new registrations for my database:

EC-LVD  A320-214  Iberia

LN-NGL  B737-8JP  Norwegian
Have a good week!


Farewell Air Pacific B747-400

Not only was Air Pacific one of the most colourful operators in Sydney but also one of the fewer still using the Jumbo Jet on its flights. The 26 of June 2013 marked a landmark on the Fijian airline as a new brand was introduced, Fiji Airways, and the Air Pacific one was confined to history books. As it happens usually with rebranding an airline a new colour scheme was chosen but more importantly changes happen on its fleet.
The fuel thirsty B747-400 are being phased out to give way to 3 band new A330-200,which will be the backbone of long-haul operations for the airline.
This week (4th of November) saw the delivery of the last A330 to Fiji Airways, meaning that retirement of the last B747 will be soon.
Here are some photos of its B747-400 taken in Sydney in 2007 and 2009:

DQ-FJK  B747-412  Air Pacific

DQ-FJL  B747-412  Air Pacific

DQ-FJL  B747-412  Air Pacific

DQ-FJK  B747-412  Air Pacific


Hyvää syntymäpäivää Finnair

   Airlines came and go throughout the years. The past years have seen start up plans for new airlines that either never made the 1st flight or were shot lived and quickly confined to history books. Even other, like legacy airlines Pan Am or Swissair, come to an end. That is way a special reference must be made to those that through the decades, witnessing and adapting to changes, are still active and providing a reliable service. Finnair is one of the oldest airlines in the World and celebrates today it’s 90th anniversary. A truly remarkable date for any airline!
   Finnair, Finland’s largest airline, was created on the 1st on November 1923, and it was then named Aero O/Y. Its first flight was a charter from Helsinki to neighbour Tallinn on Junkers F.13 equipped with floating devices. From those humbling beginnings, Finnair as developed a network that now covers destinations in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
   Its fleet has, understandably, seen changes from the turboprop era and the beginning of the jet age. The Caravelles and McDonnell Douglas are gone and it’s B757-200, used on leisure routes, are being replaced by sharklet equipped A321. Finnair fleet by 30th of September 2013:

*4 A321 on order

            On the regional segment, Finnair has 12 ATR72, 5 Embraer 170 and 8 Embraer 190 that are operated on her behalf by partner Flybe Nordic.

            Finnair has not been the easiest airline for me to photograph as I only have these few photos from its aircraft:

OH-LBO  B757-2Q8  Finnair

OH-LEE  ERJ-170 100LR  Finnair

OH-LKH  ERJ-190LR  Finnair

OH-LXA  A320-214  Finnair

OH-LXC  A320-214  Finnair

OH-LZB  A321-211  Finnair

            Hyvää syntymäpäivää Finnair!